Sunday, 24 January 2016

Into The New Year

The good year of 2015 is over and now we have moved on into 2016. Last year was a great year filled with new experiences and most importantly starting this blog. So far on my journey on blogging I have loved every minute of it and plan for it to continue into this year and many years ahead. To start the new year fresh, I decided to change my blog template to one that I adore (let me know your thoughts on it). This change has made me look forward to get back into blogging again! Im aware I took a small break from blogging over the holidays and that was simply because I needed one. During the year I was so busy with school and other activities that when the holidays rolled around I just needed a break to spend time with family and friends (I hadn't had a lot of time to write posts). Anyway I'm back and keen to get back into the swing of things. Also just to mention, for christmas I was fortunate enough to receive a camera, this means better quality photos and to expand on my love for photography. Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and is enjoying the new year!

Love, Izzy



  1. I absolutely love the new blog design/template; it's gorgeous! I'm also thinking about changing my blog's template but I haven't quite found one that works yet :)
    I've been looking around at cameras recently because I also want to get into photography and am keen to get a better quality camera! What make is yours, and what do you think of it? I'd like to find out a bit more about certain types before I go and buy one!
    Georgia xxx

    1. Thank you so much gal, I love it also. Hope you find one that you love, it took me a while to find this one but I'm glad I did. My camera is a cannon 700D (t5i), I love it heaps and it takes really good pictures. I definetly recommend a cannon camera of some sort, they are great! Thanks for the comment, I will talk to you soon.

      Izzy ♡

    2. Where did you find your template? I've now found one which I love (and I have it on my blog) but it's not showing any comments! I don't know why! I'm wondering if it's just because it's a free version so you don't get everything with it (which would be really annoying!)Anyway, if you'd be so kind as to let me know where you found yours (as comments are clearly working for you!!) and maybe i'll be able to find myself one from the same website!
      Lots of love! xxx


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