Sunday, 21 August 2016

Crazy For Cord

Fashion plays a big role in my life as well as many others, and lately, cord clothing has been my obsession. I'm sure you would have seen items similar to the ones above with this style of fabric in many clothing outlets. In the 70s, corduroy clothing was all the rage involving a textile composed of twisted fibres to form the cloths distinct pattern. Fashion designers have now adapted this technique and modernised it into the latest clothing, which has for sure taken off. The reason why I love corduroy so much, and I believe others do also, is the fact it is old-style and the fabric in general is just really lovely. The following three items are my top picks in my collection of cord clothing, enjoy!

Maroon Cord Overall Dress

As I delved through the endless racks in Cotton On, this item instantly caught my eye and my heart was already one-hundred percent set on purchasing it. As I previously mentioned, yes indeed this item is from Cotton On, and priced at $30 I thought it was a pretty good buy! This item is perfect for an all-year rounder, during winter I have been pairing it with tights and a wooly jacket and I am sure during the summer will be wearing it a lot also. Because cord is a thick fabric its great for winter and adding extra warmth for maximum comfort. Ooo so snugly!

Green Oversized Jacket

This dark green oversized jacket is definitely my favourite and most used from the lot. I bought this from a vintage op-shop for $10 and is still my favourite bargain ever. It is so soft and warm on the inside and because it's made from cord it makes the jacket quite heavy duty. I've worn it in quite harsh weather conditions and it still manages to keep me warm. Usually I pair this with my black jeans, black turtleneck and black boots to make the jacket stand out and be the feature item of the outfit. Even though it is green, I still feel as though I can throw it over most outfits and it will usually match fine which is a positive. Unfortunately I have no clue where you could get the same jacket as this, but if you do find something similar then obviously I recommend it. 

Tan Skirt

I was very pleased with this recent addition to my collection of cord, my tan coloured skirt. The corduroy detailing on this item is a lot thinner making it harder to see, but I promise it's there! This has been the perfect winter skirt, paired with tights. Because of it being made from cord, it already instantly makes the fabric a lot thicker and warmer. This item was also from Cotton On, god bless them, and I do believe it was $25 which is a fair buy.

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it! Feel free to leave a comment, and I will see next sunday.

Love, Izzy


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