Sunday, 26 July 2015

Winter Look

Seeing as its winter in Australia I thought it was very appropriate to do a winter look for you guys! So me and my friend Zoe (Check out her blog 'here') decided to do a little photo shoot :))

This outfit consist of my very loved black and white turtle neck from mink pink, my dark denim overalls from H&M, and to top it off with my classic black doc martens. You can already tell by the description of the outfit that its going to be very warm and comfortable. Two essentials every outfit needs during the cold winter. These three clothing items constantly seem to be in trend and I can totally understand why.

Turtle neck 
This mink pink turtle neck is one of my winter essentials. It is definitely as comfy as it looks and provides the right amount of warmth. The neutral colours and simple design make it easy to pair in any outfit and it can be used casually or formally. I absolutely love turtle necks (especially this one in particular) and highly recommend them to anyone!

These H&M overalls are definitely something I have been obsessing over lately. I just love how you can throw them on and they manage to jazz up any outfit. They are extremely comfortable and very warm as you can probably tell. I love these denim overalls in particular because of the slight rips, giving off a trendy carless look. The good thing about overalls is that you can get short style ones for summer there for you can wear overalls all year round. If you do not own a pair I definitely recommend them and to find a style that suits you!

Doc Martens
Finally, but most certainly not least, to complete this outfit are my doc martens. In the style black, these shoes are easy to pair with any outfit. As they are boots, they are very comfortable and the leather protects your feet from the cold air. I do have a post coming next week thats going more in depth about these shoes so be sure to check that out if your interested!

Hope you are all well and enjoyed reading this post. I put a lot of effort into this post and it would mean a lot if you commented. Also if you have any post suggestions please let me know!

Love, Izzy



  1. Hi Izzy! Already loving your blog! I live in the UK so obviously its the middle of summer here -although its actually raining right now *sigh* haha!! I love the overalls/dungarees and I'm desperate to buy a pair like it; maybe one of the shorter ones for the summer and then I'll get some long ones for when it's winter over here!!
    Georgia xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Georgia haha, I definitely love my overalls and I hope you find some soon :)) Hope your well xx

  2. Great post dear!

  3. You look incredible, you really pull off dungarees! I LOVE your style xxx

  4. You look incredible, you really pull off dungarees! I LOVE your style xxx


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