Saturday, 11 July 2015


Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post. I wanted to start off my blog with a friendly introductory post to tell you a little bit about me and what you should expect to see on my blog. 

About me:
My name is Isabelle but you can call me Izzy. I am 16 years young and live in an amazing place named Australia. A few years back I stumbled upon some fashion and beauty related blogs and had grown a large interest in reading them and dreamt of starting one myself. As I got older and delved deeper into my teenage years, I discovered I had I strong passion for fashion. (Im aware that sounds like the bratz commercial haha). My opinion is that you can express yourself through clothing items. My style of fashion is not whats in trend but purely what makes me happy to wear, regardless of what anybody else says. Quite recently I have also grown a liking towards beauty products. Now, I definitely would not name myself as a beauty guru but I do love to experiment and have fun with make-up, (I guess we all have to start somewhere). With all of my interests and passions moulded together forms this blog before you, which I hope you enjoy!

Expectations from my blog:
I guess I have made it quite clear that this is a fashion and beauty blog therefor most of my posts will be fashion and beauty related. Although I do not want to limit myself thats why I decided to also add lifestyle into my header. Please do expect the occasional post that does not go under the lines 'fashion and beauty', weather it be a thoughts post or a recipe to something. I haven't started this blog in hopes to get millions of readers and make a lot of money. I started this blog to do something I love and hopefully bring smiles to peoples faces. Also I am completely open to any suggestions or requests from anyone.

Thank you to those who read and comment on my posts, I will be posting every sunday and sometimes during the week. I hope you all enjoy this groovy little blog.

Love, Izzy



  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! Love the theme also, very pretty! Count me as a reader for future posts! :) xx

    April |

    1. Thank you very much, I sure will, count me also xx

  2. your blog is awesome izzay ily

  3. Amazing post dear!


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