Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hey Guys! I just wanted to share this amazing cafe I visited a few weeks ago named Crompton.

 I was exploring the beautiful city of Melbourne and ran into this groovy place the appearance intriguing me. After convincing my family to eat there, we entered the interesting place, a positive vibe coming off immediately. Everything from the decor to the lively music made me already love this place and I hadn't even tried the food yet. Although this wasn't just your average cafe; It was a sandwich cafe. All these amazing toppings piled on top of crusty wholegrain bread resulted in the perfect lunch. It took me a while to pick what I wanted because everything seemed very appealing. In the end I decided to go for the hummus with cucumber and chilli flakes which was extremely scrumptious! This unique cafe has inspiered me to try an recreate there food which is delicious and very healthy!

Thanks heaps for reading, you should comment as well because I love to here from you guys. Also I have an exciting post this sunday so stay tuned for that. Thanks again and I hope your having a groovy day x

Love, Izzy


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