Sunday, 2 August 2015

Love For Shoes


I guess its very safe to say that I have a shoe obsession. Therefore I decided to put together my top winter shoe collection.

1 ~ Classic Docs

Im sure you have all heard of doc martens and if you haven't, then its an honour to introduce you to these wonderful shoes. In the style black, these classic boots go with anything you wear. Leaving your feet surrounded with leather gauarantees to proctect your feet from the cold harsh air. Also with a comfy soul it supports your foot very well. The only downside to these is they take a bit longer to wear in than regular shoes, but with the amount of upsides, its definitely worth it in the end. I bought these shoes at the price of $130. Click 'here' to be taken to doc marten site and find a style that suits you. 

2 ~ Nike Roshe

I just want to quickly address that these shoes are actually grey and for some reason the camera decided to give them a purple tinge that is actually not there haha (click 'here' to see a better photo). Anyway, I'm sure you would have seen this type of shoe before, its the roshe style shoe by nike. I love this style of shoe from the way it feels to the many designs to choose from. This unique shoe gives off a sporty vibe while jazzing up any outfit. The particular design I choose gave off a slight winter feel and was definetly my kind of style. Unfortunately I couldn't find this shoe on the nike website although I did happen to find it on ebay for the price of $130 (click 'here' if your interested). If you want to find a different design be sure to head over to the nike store 'here'

3 ~ Nike Air Max

Last but most certainly not least my most recent purchased shoe; Nike air max. At the moment these would have to be my favourite shoe from the lot, I know this is a rubbish photo (don't worry I'm going to invest in a new camera soon) so click 'here' to see a better photo and I'm your interested in purchasing them. This style of shoe also contains the sporty vibe and in this neutral colour it goes with every outfit. Obviously it being a sneaker style shoe it is very comfy and can easily be dressed up or down. These fell into my hands at the price of $90.

Thank you so much for reading, hope your having the grooviest day!

Love, Izzy


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