Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bathroom Favourites

Over this month I have been using the products above on a daily bases and am absolutely crazy about them. These products never let me down therefore I think they deserve a post dedicated to them. Hope you enjoy it!

Frank Scrub

This is definitely my favourite product from the lot because it actually does all the things it claims to. This coffee scrub is absolutely incredible and I can not express how amazing this truly is. Basically what you do is rub the scrub in a circular motion onto your skin then leave it to dry, once you wash it off it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Also to mention it gets rid of stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, and evens the tone of your skin. This product works wonders and is at a very affordable price (click 'here' if your interested in purchasing). The ingredients in this scrub are all natural and it does not test on Animals which is amazing. I have no doubt that I will be using this for the rest of my life haha. 

Chai Soap Bar

I purchased this little guy at a market not to long ago and is definitely a bar of joy. It is the scent Chai which is personally a scent I love! I have never been the biggest fan of soap bars because they always seem to slip from my hands and I find it easier to just use a squirt from a bottle of soap. Since I have been using this product it has changed the way I feel about bars of soap, now I have realised they aren't actually that bad and they look more presentable then a bottle of soap. Unfortunately I don't know where you can buy this exact soap bar but if you find a similar one anywhere (maybe lush) then I recommend it.

Coconut Moisturizer & Scrub  

Coconut is a scent I have always loved so this product is definitely down my ally. I think the main reasons I love this product is because it smells incredible and makes my skin feel really good. The scrub deep cleans your skin in a delicate way leaving your skin clean and smooth. After I use the scrub I then use the body butter to give the finishing soft touch. Then vuala, you have soft clean skin that makes you smell awesome. Click 'here' to go to there website.

Thank you so much for reading you groovy person. Hope you enjoyed it and I would love to here from you down in the comments on what you thought. Hope you are feeling awesome!

Love, Izzy



  1. I love this post, all these products look absolutely incredible, you've got me in the mood to go out and buy new bath products now lol :) xxxx

    1. hahaha, I just love baths!! And if you like this post, then you will love my post coming this weekend, Its a lush haul! Thanks so much xx


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