Sunday, 31 January 2016

2015 - Beauty Favs

As it is finally 2016 (well one month in), I thought it was only fair to write about my beauty favourites during the year of 2015. Enjoy!

Covergirl Eye Shadow Palette 

This highly pigmeanted quad by Covergirl is filled with four amazing bold shades which I found  perfect for a night out. As I was still slightly a beginner in make-up when I purchased this, the steps provided on the packet were very useful to give me some guidance on where on put each shade. The two main reasons why I love this product so much is, one; the colours, and two; the consistency. We all know my favourite shades in an eyeshadow are the more bronze and gold ones, therefore this was an obvious reason for myself and probably others. The consistancy and texture of this duo is wonderful, its creamy and applies softly over the eyelid. The texture made it easy for me to pick up a lot of product onto my brush and made the application easier. All in all this is a great product and because Covergirl is a drugstore brand you don't need a high budget to purchase this. If your looking to try new eyeshadows then I recommend give this one a go!

 Colour Pop 'Ultra Matte Lips'

I can not express how much I am obsessed with colour pop. In-fact I just recently purchased what some would call a large order from them so I'm thinking of doing a more detailed post on them once they arrive. Anyway, this product is incredible and probably one of my favourites from the lot. The one in the photo is named 'midi' which is a beautiful nude shade with a subtle beige undertone. My favourite lip is a matte one and this product sure lives up to its name 'ultra matte'. Once applied these liquid lipsticks aren't going anywhere, they hold extremely well as I have found after wearing it on multiple nights out. The thing that astounds me most with this product is the price only being $6 (usd). I think for the amazing quality of this product 6 dollars is an incredible bargain. Click 'here' to go to there website and have a browse at there amazing shades and other products made by them!

'Wake Me Up' Concealer 

This concealer by Rimmel does in fact work wonders. Considering I have pretty bad bags under my eyes this product does do a great job at covering them up and making me look more awake, hence the name of the concealer. The texture is soft and the stick applicator makes it easy to apply under the eyes and over any blemishes. Once blended into the skin I find it stays on over a long period of time and doesn't clog up in your skin making you look caked. I love this product and it is my go to concealer each day. The price ended up only being 12 dollars which I think is incredible. You can purchase this concealer in a local chemist or super market.

Nars Foundation

I have already done a more detailed post about this foundation since I love it so much, so click 'here' to read that. This is just such a great quality foundation and I find that it gives a really nice coverage with just one layer but obviously it is build-able to create a more dramatic look. I understand this foundation is more on the pricey side but I understand that completely. If your willing to give it a go then I would definitely recommend you to!

Beauty Blender

This is currently one of many many obsessions at the moment. A good old beauty blender is currently my favourite way to apply make-up. I feel like it really pushes your make-up into your skin (if that makes sense) and gives off a great finishing look. Also the shape of it makes it easy to get to any part of your face. My one is a 3 dollar knock off from the real thing but I find still works exactly the same!


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