Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sports Girl Palettes

I have been experimenting more with make-up, lately and have been focusing on getting better with eyes and eye shadow as such. After countless tutorials I learnt many tips and thought I should go out and buy my first proper palette. Both of the palettes in the photo above are from sports girl (which I didn't even know made made make-up aha). 

(Top) 'Eyes Like It Palette'

This was the first palette I bought after swatching a few of the shades onto my hand I thought it would be a decent palette to start practising with since they're is a variety of shades to experiment with.  This turned out to be a wonderful palette especially to begin with. The consistency of the shades makes it easy for the brush to pick up a lot of product. It goes on smoothly to the eyelid and most of the shades are very pigmented adding shimmer to brighten up your face. Personally I think the colours in this are great but I would of liked to have a couple more matte ones seeing as majority of them are shimmery. But for the price of $20 this is wonderful palette and is great for a beginner.

(Bottom) 'The Metallic Edit'

After using the other palette like crazy I was keen to try another by sports girl. As soon as I saw this palette full of amazing colours, I ran to the counter and purchased it without thinking twice. Between me and the palette, it was basically love at first sight. I have used this incredible palette a number of times, it never failing to disappoint me. One of the main things I adore about this palette is the shades. Im a massive fan of bronze shades which makes this the perfect palette for me. All these shades are highly pigmented and once again as the other palette, it applies very well and the product is easy to pick up on to brushes. For a price of $25 this is also an amazing palette!

Hey everybody, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Thank you for being patient, I've been finding it hard to find the time to post as school is busy. Also click 'here' and 'here' to see better quality photos of the products, I'm investing in a new camera soon to produce better photos. Anyway I hope you are all well and I will see you next week!

Love, Izzy


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