Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lush Haul

If you read my previous post you would know I went to Melbourne last week which was amazing! This week I decided to show you the products I purchased at Lush and give my opinion on each product. When I walked into the store it gave off a relaxed vibe filled with delicious scents. To be honest, I think I lost track of the time whilst I was in there delving into each product. I wanted to buy everything in the store because everything is so appealing, but because I was on a tight budget I couldn't, even though I wanted to. Anyway, here are the products I did happen to purchase, enjoy!

Oatfix face mask

This delicious product applied all over the face is sure to leave your skin feeling incredible. It has the consistency of poridge and the smell is to die for (not literally). When I first used this I found it easy to apply and because it has the sticky consistency of porridge, it does not slide of your face once put on. I left it on my face to dry for about 15 minutes and once I had removed it, my face felt clean and refreshed. This face mask focuses on sensitve skin by softening an and moisturising it. It has a blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and and nourish your skin while also reducing redness. I have been using this mask on a daily bases and have found my skin feeling a whole lot better!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

This fizzy bath bomb coats your water in soothing honey while making your bathroom smell delicious. As soon as I dropped it into the water, instant bubbles appeared at the surface and fizzes filled my ears leaving me very satisfied. Lush are famous for their incredible bath bombs and I can totally understand why. I absolutely love this bath bomb and I can't wait to try more Lush bath bombs soon. 

Mint Lip Scrub

My friend (Zoe hah) told me about this unique product and from her description I was very eager to try it. Basically it is a scrub for your lips. You rub it into your lips then lick it off leaving the result as a tasty sugar lip butter. Once I had tried it, I loved it so much. I chose the flavour mint because when I lick it off it would give my breath a little burst of mint also. It also gave me that sort of tingling feeling in my lips and thats when you know you've found a good lip balm. I love the concept of this product and Lush have done a very good job at creating this. 

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Also click 'here' to be taken to the Lush website if you wanna look at some of there amazing products! I will catch you guys next week for another post and in the meantime you should comment below :)

Love, Izzy


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