Monday, 28 September 2015

IT - Alexa Chung - Book Review

Lately, I have found myself glued to this unique book. I think even from the appealing cover of this book, you can tell its going to be a good read. I was right, in fact it was a great read. This book is not a story book that involves characters and plots, but is simply focused on Alexa Chung's life, sense of style, her inspirations, and small childhood stories. With her quirky doodles and photographs combined with her amazing writing, I found it being the perfect read. If your into fashion icons, such as Alexa Chung, and taking a look into there life and how they developed their individualized sense of style, then I definitely recommend this book. If not I'm sure you would enjoy this book, personally I think its hard not to. If your looking for a good book to read, then definitely give this book a try!

Hey everyone, I apologise for not posting last week as I was very busy with school. Now since it is the holidays I have been writing posts a lot so I'm ready when school goes back to not miss a week. Comment some good books to read, since I've devoured this one and need a new one to read. Hope your all well and I will see you next week!

Love, Izzy


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