Sunday, 13 September 2015

How To Jazz Up Water

These days water is often taken for granted by many people when in reality we wouldn't be here without it. The recommended daily intake of water is approximately 2 litters and yet so many people fail to meet this amount (including myself). I think the main reason is because we are all so busy and just forget to. So today I thought I would share some easy ways you can make your water more appealing and yummy! 

Detox Water

This is a very simple and may I say, an extremely easy way to give your water a slight burst of flavour while making your water look amazing. Basically what you do is fill your water bottle with cold water, then just chuck in your favourite fruits, and there you have it. My two favourite flavours I alternate between are lemon with a bit of lime and mixed berries.


I know people try to avoid cordial knowing its full of sugar but my thoughts are its better to have cordial than not drink water at all. You can still get your daily intake of water just with some added sweetness to make you want to drink more. Also when I am choosing a cordial I tend to look for the ones with less sugar and more natural ingredients, thats why I love this brand of the cordial in the picture!


Lately I have been drinking so much tea, I think I could be addicted. I just absolutely love tea and I have so many different flavours I vary between each day. At the moment I have been loving peppermint tea with a squirt of honey to add some extra flavour. The reason tea is incredible is because it hydrates you while giving you a boost of antioxidants. There are many different types of tea so you can choose the best one that suits you. The brand of tea I use is T2 which literally has every tea flavour imaginable!

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave some suggestions of what posts you would like me to write. Hope you are all well.

Love, Izzy


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