Monday, 19 October 2015

Festival Look

Soon I am attending a Chet Faker concert which I am most excited for. This is what I plan on wearing and personally I think this outfit would perfect for a festival or just a casual look for summer. It is comfy and glam in a unique way. Enjoy!

This dress is from Verge Girl online and is one of the staples in this outfit. It is off the shoulder style but can easily be worn on the shoulders. There is beautiful lace detailing on the top, bottom and sleeves of the dress. It is quite a flowy dress which is perfect for summer. I tend to wear a belt with this dress when its off the shoulder, but when I wear it on the shoulder I prefer it without one. I think you can dress this up or just use it as a chuck on kind of dress. I absolutely love this dress and have been receiving many complements when wearing it which means it must be good. Click 'here' if you are interested in purchasing it.

Fedora Hat
This hat is more on the pricey side but in my opinion totally worth it. Long story short, I found this hat in Melbourne, tried it on, fell in love with it, saw the price tag and put it back down and walked away. After convincing from my friends and knowing if I didn't buy it I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it, I quickly grabbed it and bought it haha. This hat is in fact a Brixton which is why it was probably so expensive, coming to a price of $100. This hat has got a stiff brim and a leather band for some added detail. Even though it is quite plane it still looks very nice on and sits well. This item is a fashionable way to protect yourself from the sun and will jazz up any outfit.

As I have mentioned in the past, I love a good pair of sunnies and these were perfect to add to my collection. I found them in a little market for $20 which ended up being a complete bargain. They are circle style sunglasses, the lenses being black with copper around the edges. Unfortunately because these were from a market, I'm not sure where you can buy the exact ones. But if you see some similar then I definitely recommend them as they are a stylish touch to an outfit.

Classic Black Docs
These are probably my favourite shoes in my collection because they are just so godamn comfortable and stylish. I have already done a post going more in depth about these incredible shoes, so click 'here' if your interested in reading it.

Hey lovelies, sorry for not posting last week I've just been flat out with school starting back up. Hope you enjoyed this post and I will catch you next week!!

Love, Izzy


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